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  • Lumigan (Latisse)

Buy Lumigan Allergan Brand (also known as Latisse)

Many of our visitors have enquired where to buy Latisse online. Or better yet, where to buy Lumigan and where to buy generic Latisse online? Lumigan is the same medication, in the same type of packaging as Latisse. Both Latisse and Lumigan are manufactured by Allergan. Latisse and Lumigan are both Bimatoprost .03 % in a 3 ml dropper bottle. Glaucoma patients drip the bimatoprost solution in their eyes, and Latisse patients apply a drop daily to each eyelid to grow thicker and stronger eyelashes.

Cost conscience consumers have learned that Latisse and Lumigan are one and same. Both products are bimatoprost .03% and both manufactured by Allergan. Genuine brand name Lumigan can be purchased online from reputable pharmacies. Also consult with your doctor before starting the use of any prescription medication.

There are many online sources for Latisse, generic Latisse and Lumigan brand bimatoprost drops.


Be cautious when looking to buy name brand Latisse online. Illegal online pharmacies are engaged in hijacking legitmate websites and then hacking their pages to get high rankings in Google.. These fake pharmacy sites are first are foremost breaking the law by hacking into websites that belong to other entities, but secondly they are also shipping knock off medications of unknown quality and origin. Do not do business with any webpage you find on google that redirects to some completely different pharmacy siteThese are bogus, illegal sites, engaged in illegal and fraudulent activity and you will get ripped off by doing business with them.

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Lumigan (Latisse)

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